Finished!!!!! Loved it!!!! Jim Ed Hardaway is one good story teller....I think I could feel every story and every emotion. I was surprised how many memories in my own life it brought back for me. Thanks for the laughs, some insight perhaps?...and a reminder to journal better in my scrapbook-photo albums to keep past memories alive while making new ones!! Great book....loved every page! Mary

Loved it!

If you're a child of the '80s this book will bring back a lot of cool memories! I'm not a big book reader but I couldn't put this one down, it was absolutely hilarious and fun! I totally recommend this one for anyone's book wish list. Don't wait, order a copy today!!!! Kevin

A totally rad read!

This book is hilarious humor anyone can enjoy. I am a child from the 80's as well and he made me remember so many great things from my childhood. After all it was the greatest time in history to be alive. Young and old even in this time and era can relate. My teenage kids still watch Star Wars, listen to Madonna, eat tacos, go to the movies and insist on showing there butts... It was great! Good clean humor for everyone. Denise

Great read for all ages!

Five stars

It was a great read from beginning to end! Anonymous Reader

Entertaining and inspiring!!!

I'm having trouble putting this book down! Entertaining stories riddled with inspiration that are making me smile, laugh, and dream about getting back to the creative imagination I had when I was a child. I love it! Bobby

Love lighthearted humor and mischief

If you're a fan of the 80s, love lighthearted humor and mischief, and want to see inside the mind of a PK (Preacher's kid), you want to buy this book! Jim Ed lays out his whimsical childhood in a way that will keep you engaged and laughing at his antics. Very enjoyable! Joey

An entertaining read!

It Was That Dang Red-Headed Preacher’s Kid! is entertaining, heartwarming, and sometimes serious and thought-provoking. These short stories from the author’s childhood captivate the imagination and motivate the reader to remember her own younger years. So prepare to be reeled in by the creative way Jim Ed writes and to maybe revisit some of your own memories and life lessons as you read about his. Cheryl

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

What a fun, entertaining read! This book was like a trip down memory lane. While laughing at the author's colorful childhood memories, I reminisced about my own memories - ones I hadn't thought of in years. I don't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book as much as this one! Anonymous Reader

Tacos Not Included

Sit back, relax, and get stoked for It Was That Dang Red-Headed Preacher’s Kid! Episodes From My Whimsical Childhood. “Best read with a plate of tacos.”

With page after page of 80’s nostalgia, Jim Ed Hardaway’s story weaves into our own as he takes us on epic adventures, describing the good and bad moments that helped define his childhood and early adulthood. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will relate.

Did you play Atari until your joystick hand fell off? Did you go snipe hunting? Did you own every Star Wars everything? Did you always wish you could make the team? Any team? Did you relish in the hot dog pursuit of trash can tipping? Were you part of a BMX freestylin’ 80’s gang? Were you a Goonies aficionado and did you learn kissing, the Truffle Shuffle, and to never say die from this fearless film? Did you couples skate in America? If so, pick up this book and savor every dang word because Jim Ed is one of us!

From playground superhero antics with childhood friends to Scott, a backwoods, little league bully, Jim Ed reflects on his imperviousness towards kryptonite-like situations. He manages to squeeze out of danger in almost every chapter — almost.

Jim Ed spends many heated chapters in the dog days of summer as he jumps into swimming holes, watches movies about Extra-terrestrials, and scares the dickens out of unsuspecting church youth during hurricane season. He then creatively catapults us into a freshmen fiasco, hiding from seniors hell-bent on using first-year students as stink bait. From trashcan dunks to the feared freshmen swirl, we experience it with Jim Ed.

Jim Ed’s book teaches us how we were born to rerun, like the 80's character on the sitcom, What's Happening, and that the story of our lives are unique — and, most important, that we choose how to be defined. Will we let the bad times define us, or will we become our own unique people? Through Jim Ed’s hilarious stories we discover what it means to be in his world – and understand ours better. Chad

Jim Ed lends a unique voice to the remembering of one's...

Jim Ed lends a unique voice to the remembering of one's growing up years. We hear our own selves in his mischievous adventures, and think of our own encounters with "Uncle Bob" and "Mrs. B". Takes me back to a simpler time, when playing outside and getting into trouble were my biggest concerns. It was truly an enjoyable reading experience. Gwen

Witty Genius!

His witty genius kept me laughing through every "episode"! Absolutely worth the read. Joy